Why is Web Design Important?

Did you know that it only takes about 50 milliseconds (ms) for users to form an opinion about your website? Your website is an integral part of your brand’s online presence and it’s critical that you design it right.

Good websites are visually appealing. Great websites are designed with users in mind and ensure a positive user experience. Great design and usability earn trust and help people stick around, whereas poor design creates mistrust and makes people leave.

Here are three major reasons to invest in quality web design:

First Impressions Matter.

Several years ago, Google independently proved the 50 millisecond number in their own research. In fact, in their study, some opinions were formed in as little as 17 milliseconds! This means that your audience is judging your website before even clicking through your web pages or reading your content.

First impressions depend on a number of factors including layout, color scheme, spacing, symmetry, fonts, amount of text and more. Together, these factors will influence how your audience perceives your website and overall brand. Sadly, if your website is outdated or poorly designed, users may immediately form a negative impression of your business.

Your first impression will determine whether your audience remains on your page and learns more about your business or leaves to visit your competitors webpage. No matter how unique or valuable your products / services may be, poor web design can drive customers away.

It influences Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO actually begins with web design! Many design elements and practices influence how your website content is published, which in turn affects how search bots crawl and index your website. Your web design will influence your rankings and determine whether or not you have a strong online presence.

Your business can stay relevant by integrating several factors that will effectively improve search engine rankings. For instance, intuitive web structure with simple navigation will boost SEO. While designing a visually appealing website, don’t forget to include elements that will also contribute to higher search rankings. Afterall, without consumer traffic, your efforts will have been wasted.

Great web design builds trust.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on visual design alone? Think about it. How do you feel when you come across an outdated website? Have you ever doubted a company’s legitimacy or their products / services based on a poorly designed website? Research has validated that we most definitely judge businesses based on web design.

Professional websites signal trust with your audience. When you build trust, users will remain on your website for longer. When visitors stay on your website longer, you create more opportunities to capture qualified leads. Bottom line: great design earns trust and gets people to stick around. Poor design fosters mistrust and makes people leave.


Overall, a well-designed website will leave a lasting impression on prospective customers, earn trust and boost SEO. Importantly, a positive user experience can help nurture leads and convert prospects into paying customers.

If you are looking for professional designers to create your website, or simply give your existing site a facelift, look no further than First Look SEO. If you already have a website, great. We can conduct a site audit free of charge to help you optimize your website for better user experience and accessibility.

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